Hotel & Restaurant Alte Brauerei Tangermünde
Hotel & Restaurant Alte Brauerei Tangermünde

Lange Str. 34 - 39590 Tangermünde - Tel. 039322 - 44145 - Fax 039322 - 44175 - Email:

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Geographical situation

Your journey to the hotel „Alte Brauerei“

Due to our geographical sitiation there are many possibilities to visit us. 

The Altmark is located in the triangle of Berlin Hamburg and Hannover. 

Plan your way to us…

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You will find the hotel Alte Brauerei“ nearby the church St. Stephan“ and the Eulenturm“ (Tower of Owls).

By train...
You arrive by train at the main station Stendal. Now you go on by regional transport directly to Tangermünde. You might also take a taxi from Stendal main station (about 11 km). If you want us to pick you up please contact us in sufficient times!

By car...
Journey from the direction Berlin:
Take the B5 until you arrive in Brisen. In Brisen you follow the national highway B188 to Tangermünde. You can also take the freeway A2 until you reach Ziesar. Than you take the B107 until you arrive in Fischbeck. In Fischbeck you get on the B189 towards Tangermünde.
Journey from the direction Hamburg:
Just take the freeway A24 until you reach Ludwigslust. There you take the exit B5 towards Perleberg. Arrived in Perleberg you take the B189 towards Stendal and afterwards you take the B188 until you arrive in Tangermünde.
Journey from the direction Munich:
Please take the freeway A9 to Köselitz and choose the exit B107. Follow the main road until you arrive in Fischbeck. There you take the B188 to come to Tangermünde.
Journey from the direction Hannover:
Please take the freeway A2 until Magdeburg. There you choose the exit B189 towards Stendal. After 45 minutes you have to take the B188 towards Tangermünde.

By ship...
If you travel by ship from Hamburg or Magdeburg on the Elbe you arrive automatically in Tangermünde. After a little march towards the city you will arrive directly at the hotel Alte Brauerei“.

By plane...
It is also possible to arrive at the airport Borstel near Stendal or at the airport in Scharlibbe near Havelberg with a sporting aeroplane. It would be a pleasure for us to pick you up at your arrival. Do not hesitate to contact us early enough.

Parking spaces:
We have sufficient parking spaces for free at our disposal on our compound. Busses until a hight of 3,35m can also be parked. Alternativly there will be enough parking space at the haven.



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